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700 Club Draw

25 fortnightly draws – 25 chances to win!

The Weldmar Hospicecare 700 Club Draw is held every fortnight and you could win up to £600, for just £2 a fortnight (a one-off payment of £50 per year).

Why 700 Club? Because we only have 700 tickets!

These are the prizes that you could win:

23 fortnightly draws from April to March


in two pre-Christmas draws (28th November and 12th December 2018) there is even bigger prize money – just in time for Christmas

Only £50 a ticket, download a Weldmar 700 Club Application Form (1mb) for your chance to enter.

You can also download a Direct Debit form (PDF 30kb) – so that you can be a member of our Club every year!

700 Club Rules

  1. The 700 Club is a Society Lottery Registered by West Dorset District Council under The Gambling Act 2005.
  2. The authorised promoter of this lottery is Mr Matt Smith who is the Director of Fundraising and Marketing for Weldmar Hospicecare.
  3. Sale of tickets is confined to a maximum of 700.
  4. The price of each ticket shall be £50 payable in advance to Weldmar Hospicecare.
  5. Each ticket will be entered into twenty five draws.
  6. The first draw will take place on Wednesday 18th April 2018 and thereafter fortnightly until 20th March 2019.
  7. 43% of the proceeds of the lottery shall be devoted to the provision of prizes. The whole of the remainder of the proceeds shall be devoted to the purpose of the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust. (The above figures are calculated on the assumption that exactly 700 tickets have been sold).
  8. If the promoter sells less than 700 tickets, he may at his absolute discretion reduce the value (but not the number) of the prizes, but (a) the total value of prizes shall not be less than 43% of the proceeds and (b) any reduction shall be made and announced before the first draw.
  9. Winners will be notified and paid as soon as the draw has taken place. A full list of winners will be published and circulated to every 700 Club Ticket Holder.
  10. Players must be aged 16 years or over to take part.

Our list of 2017-2018 700 Club Winners can be downloaded here (PDF 23kb)

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