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The 700 Club is ending, but there is something new…

Weldmar’s 700 club will be ending with effect from 1st April 2020.  Thank you so much for supporting us so far with the club, your help really has continued to make a big difference.

There is something new that we’d like to tell you about instead!  We have teamed up with Your Hospice Lottery for a weekly lottery draw which offers you even more chances to win, plus a much larger jackpot prize of up to £25,000!  We work with Your Hospice Lottery in a bid to keep the costs of running a lottery down to a minimum so more funds can go back into hospice care.

Your Hospice Lottery is a weekly draw, run every Friday and costs just £1 a week to join (you can set up a Direct Debit of £4.34 a month or £52 annually for all the draws in the year!)

If you’ve have been a 700 Club member, we’d love you to transfer across to Your Hospice Lottery, in support of Weldmar Hospicecare. This way, you could win more cash prizes and we will also be able to support more people in our local community.

Find out about the new weekly Lottery here


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why has Weldmar Hospicecare ended the 700 Club Lottery?

Your Hospice Lottery in support of Weldmar Hospicecare is more cost efficient therefore more of your ticket money will go to helping Weldmar’s patients and their loved ones

What are the benefits of joining Weldmar’s ‘Your Hospice Lottery’?

You will have the chance of winning 176 guaranteed weekly cash prizes and a rollover jackpot of up to £25,000 and at the same time save costs for Weldmar. Currently with the 700 Club, you have three chances of winning every two weeks.

When will my first draw with Your Hospice Lottery in support of Weldmar Hospicecare be?

The first Friday after we receive payment

Will my payments stay the same?

It’s just £2 more a year. (Your annual payment will increase from £50 per year to £52 per year or £4.34 per month if you wish to pay monthly). Our previous 700 Club was a fortnightly draw and you will instead now be entered into a weekly draw, run every Friday with even bigger prizes!

What if I don’t want to join the new lottery but would like to keep my Standing Order or Direct Debit in place and continue to support Weldmar with a Regular Donation?

Your continued support would be greatly appreciated and continue to make a difference. Please inform April Whitehead on 01305 261800 or email

What if I have paid for my 2020 700 Club Lottery membership already via Standing Order or Direct Debt?

Please call April Whitehead on 01305 261800 or email and we will arrange to refund you the money or for it to be transferred to the new Your Hospice Lottery in support of Weldmar Hospicecare

How to play Weldmar’s Your Hospice Lottery:

If you have any further questions, please call the Fundraising Team on 01305 261800.

Find out about the new weekly Lottery here


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