London Marathon

London Marathon

Weldmar is thankful to all who compete in the London Marathon every year - raising thousands so that we can continue our care across Dorset

Weldmar had a team of seven runners competing in the London Marathon on Sunday 22nd April 2018 – learn more about them here:

Mike ChapleoMike Chapleo

Running number: 51555

I could never have imagined running a marathon a year ago, but here I am with a place in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2018.

Running has certainly changed my life over the last 18 months – I’m fitter than I’ve been in 20 years and all because my wife bought me a running watch!

A change in my work circumstances meant that I was no longer away from home five days a week, so had the time for a new challenge and started with the Bournemouth running festival 5km in October 2016. Then it was the Poole & New Forest 10km races and the start of the dream of a place at London. A chance to see whether I really could run a marathon in a respectable time.

This opportunity was provided thanks to Weldmar, through a friend who has strong links to the hospice, following the care they provided for her father. She suggested I contact Naomi and I’m delighted to be able to support such a fantastic local charity and one which is close to my own heart. My mother has dementia and Parkinson’s and has been bedridden for a number of years now and would have benefited from the services they provide.

My training has been going well, I ran the Brighton Half Marathon a few weeks ago and have been running on average 40 miles per week and to date my longest run has been 23 miles.

I’m as ready as I’m going to be for London and I am hoping to raise £2,620 for Weldmar – £100 for each of the 26.2 miles. I would love to complete the London Marathon in under 4 hours.

Marcus GaffneyMarcus Gaffney

Race Number: 6167

This is my 5th London Marathon, it all started 10 years ago after the passing of my Mum whom couldn’t ask for more love and care at Weldmar.

I was lucky to receive a golden bond through the hospice so I started from nothing on Boxing Day 2007 and ran it (in a fashion that is!) in 5:11:44 on the 13th April 2008 and I have not stopped since.

I joined Frome Running Club that year, where the running bug really kicked off.

My best Marathon is now 3:44:42 at Amsterdam 2012. I have completed two Ironman distance triathlons and took part in the Wall in June, which is a 69-mile run along the route of Hadrian’s Wall, from Carlisle to Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

I am also, as part of the training for this, doing the Ox – which is a 50 mile off road run on 12th May and Dorchester Marathon on 27th May.

Training has gone well clocking up 350miles so far this year. I am hoping to raise £1,300.00 so thank you for all your support.

Alaine HarmanAlaine Harman

Running Number: 51552

I’m running the London Marathon in memory of my mum, who passed away in the hospice. The tender care she received meant so much to her and it was extremely comforting for our family to see her so incredibly well looked after and without any pain at the end of her life.

Now working as the Community Events Fundraiser for Weldmar, I have had the privilege to meet others who have also been so well looked after within our care and to meet their loved ones. It is lovely to not only give back for the help we as a family received but also to ensure our services continue for others.

Training has gone really well. I have been following a 16-week training plan training mainly around Weymouth between Preston, Portland, across to Portesham and Bincombe to reach my longest run of 22 miles. When I looked back from Bincombe across to Portland on my last long run it is incredible how the legs can get used to increasing mileage each week. Now with the training done and in place I cannot wait until Marathon Day.

Kirsty HutchinsKirsty Hutchins

Running number: 51556

I am running the London marathon in memory of my cousin Paul, who was taken care of in the Joseph Weld Hospice last year. He passed away in September and is still sorely missed. I visited him numerous times with my family and we were overwhelmed with the care and support given to him and his family whilst they were there.

I have been a runner for four years now and have taken part in many 10k and half marathon races and always wanted to do the London Marathon – so when Naomi offered me a place I couldn’t refuse!

The training journey has been incredible. I have learnt so much about myself as a runner and what I am truly capable of if you want something bad enough. Running 20 miles over hills and through ice cold winds covered head to foot in snow wasn’t very pleasant but I struggled on and completed it non-stop. I want to run the whole marathon distance the best I can, so I’ve put 100% into my training and I just hope it pays off on the day.

I have not run a single mile on my own, I have an amazing network of running friends who have made sure that they are with me every step of the way meeting me at certain places like a tag team and have kept me going when I felt like my legs are about to fall off. I have cried so much throughout this marathon journey – from thinking of Paul, the incredible amount of money I have raised, moments where I feel I cannot go on and from the love and support I have received. I have three children, so juggling it all about has been a marathon in itself.

I am so so so excited about the day itself!! As they say “The real marathon is the training, the day itself is the victory parade”.

Katy Sewell

Katy Sewell

Running Number: 17257

I am running the marathon in memory of my dad, who lost his battle with cancer in 2008. During dad’s last few months, Weldmar provided amazing care both at home and in the hospice. They also gave bereavement support to my mum after we lost dad.

I had just started running around the time that dad was poorly and, after he passed away, I decided that I wanted to run the London Marathon to raise money for Weldmar.

I entered the ballot for a place every year after that but received the ‘sorry’ magazine each year. Typically I finally got a place for the 2017 marathon but I was pregnant when I found out and my baby was due in March 2017, so I had to defer. I could only defer for one year so decided that I had to run the 2018 marathon as I might not get a place for another 10 years otherwise.

Training has gone well – I had to start from scratch as I was at my absolute unfittest after having a baby. I started last summer and ran a half marathon in October. I have been following a 16-week marathon training plan since January, gradually building up my long runs on Sundays until I did my longest ever run of 22 miles at Easter.

Fitting training in around my family and work has been tough at times but I am pleased with how it has gone and I am really looking forward to the big day.

Miranda TidswellMiranda Tidswell

Running Number: 51554

I am a keen runner and, to date, I have run in four Half Marathons. I recently ran in the London Landmarks Half Marathon and achieved a new PB of 1:50:04.

I started my 16-week training plan in January and have been running in all weathers including sub-zero temperatures, gale-force winds and even snow!  This was a challenge in itself especially on the longer runs, but I kept going.

I remember watching the London Marathon when I was a child and never imagined I would actually participate in it. I am really looking forward to the challenge and grateful that I was given the opportunity to raise money for Weldmar Hospicecare.

I will be running in memory of my Dad, James, who passed away at Joseph Weld Hospice in 2011 aged just 64. For me the day will be both exhilarating and emotional, but the encouragement and support I have received from my family and friends has been overwhelming and I know they will be cheering me on all the way!

I am hoping to achieve a time somewhere in the region of four hours!

Lucy WymanLucy Wyman

Running Number: 51553

It’s been a huge privileged to be part of the Weldmar team for London 2018. They have been so helpful and kind and it is great to have their support while fundraising and on the day!

Last week I hit the £2,000 fundraising milestone, which is truly appreciated and I am very grateful to everyone who has supported me along the way.

I am physically prepared for the run now but super-scared and know it will be an emotional day, as it’s all in memory of my lovely friend Lyn, who benefited from the excellent care and services of Weldmar back in 2014.

Lyn is most definitely the key reason I am running the London marathon. She showed me how important it was to keep going no matter what life throws at  you and I’m sure that will be a great motivator along with the crowds.

The winter training has been a challenge, especially the rain and snow; I run four days a week averaging 35-40 miles per week, with my long run on a Sunday. I’ve been training with other runners so that the long runs are less daunting. We ran 22 miles a week ago and are now tapering down for the marathon.

I have used the London marathon 17-week intermediate training schedule, which has been manageable around work and family commitments. I’ve suffered with anaemia during training and have had to eat an awful lot of spinach to get me back to full strength!

This will be my first road marathon so I’m not sure what time to aim for, I just know not to start off too quickly!

If you wish to run for Weldmar in the 2019 London Marathon, you should first enter the public ballot, which opens after the 2018 race. If you are successful in the ballot, then contact us so that we know you would like to run for Weldmar.

If you are not successful in the ballot, we have a number of ‘Gold Bond’ places – guaranteed places in the Marathon – which can be given to runners. Find out more here. 

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