40 Days of Christmas

40 Days of Christmas

Help us to raise £40,000 during our '40 days of Christmas' appeal to go towards the care we will deliver to patients and their families over the festive season.

We won’t just have ‘12 Days of Christmas’ here at Weldmar; this year, we will have 40 Days of Christmas!

We know that Christmas is a special time for family and friends – and never more so than when a loved one has a terminal illness, facing what could be their last Christmas together. Our goal is to give everyone we care for the best possible chance for a Christmas of joy, positivity and togetherness with friends and family – all the things we’d want for ourselves and our loved ones.

Our 40 Days of Christmas starts on 27th November and lasts right through to 5th January – Twelfth Night, the end of the traditional ‘12 Days’. Over these 40 days, we expect to spend £1,000 each day for Christmas patient care and festivities.

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Photos and updates

Throughout the 40 days of our campaign, we will use social media to provide an insight into Christmas at Weldmar Hospicecare. This will be on our Facebook and our Twitter feeds.

Sara and Paul’s story

I’m Sara Gay and I’d like to tell you about the wonderful care my husband Paul received at Weldmar Hospicecare last Christmas – and why I think it’s so important that we all support our local hospice this year.

Paul GayPaul was what I suppose you would call an ‘outdoors man’. His passion was the countryside and country sports and he spent most of his days roaming Dorset with his beloved dogs. The image I have of him is leaving the house with his cap and jacket, the sandwiches I’d made him (ham or cheese only – nothing ‘fancy’!) in his backpack.

So, when Paul became ill it hit him really very hard indeed. To go from such an active life to being confined to bed was difficult for him to take. I looked after him at home the best I could but, when his health deteriorated, we had to turn to Weldmar for support. Paul stayed at the hospice for the whole of the Christmas holidays last year and, although it was a sad time for both of us, I have nothing but glowing memories of the hospice.

I love Christmas, always have done, and when I went to the hospice (every day) I always found a friendly, happy place. Decorations around to lift the mood, but nothing too much. A smile and a cheery ‘hello’ from so many people. So warm, so welcoming.

Now, Paul wasn’t a fan of Christmas to be honest. He thought it was fuss over nothing and so, for him, he didn’t feel like engaging in the activities the staff suggested. The food they provided was wonderful – but when Paul said the thing he fancied most was just a couple of my home-made sandwiches they said that was just fine.

What was wonderful is that they didn’t ‘pooh-pooh’ him or think of him as a grinch, they respected his choices and made sure he had the same dedicated care and attention as everyone else. It was remarkable how they could be so considerate; so flexible in treating everyone in their care as an individual.

Thanks to the expert care he received at Weldmar, Paul had his wish to come home for his final days. He died, peacefully in his bed as I lay dozing in the next room. Weldmar’s nurses gave me the support I needed to make the end of Paul’s life the calm, peaceful event it was and I don’t think I could ever really say enough to describe their utterly dedicated, compassionate care.

I’ll be helping the hospice this Christmas, the memories of last year are still so strong. I want others to know the same wonderful care Paul received. I very much hope you will be able to join me.
Christmas best wishes and prayers to you and your family.


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