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Christmas Appeal 2018

We know that Christmas is a special time for family and friends – and never more so than when a loved one has a terminal illness, facing what could be their last Christmas together. Our goal is to give everyone we care for the best possible chance for a Christmas of joy, positivity and togetherness with friends and family in their own homes – if possible – all the things we’d want for ourselves and our loved ones. Please, help us to be there for them.

Our Christmas Appeal starts on 16th November.

Throughout December, we will use social media to provide an insight into Christmas at Weldmar Hospicecare. This will be on our Facebook and our Twitter feeds.


Tony’s story

I would like, if you will permit me, to tell you about my experience of receiving care from the wonderful people at Weldmar Hospicecare.

I have prostate cancer and now lymphoma in my stomach. Last year I began chemotherapy for the lymphoma and this left me unable to eat without being almost immediately sick afterwards. I lost a considerable amount of weight and I had no energy at all. I felt truly awful, abject.

You see, I had always been a very active person. I was a warden at my local church and enjoyed giving the reading on a Sunday. We had a weekly luncheon club and I always looked forward to catching up with friends. But when I couldn’t eat, I stopped going.

I managed to reach my 90th birthday this June; but I didn’t celebrate. My three wonderful daughters organised a big party but I couldn’t really join in. At that time, I couldn’t see the point in carrying on.

But then I met Lucy and Sarah from Weldmar Hospicecare. They sat, patiently, and talked to me about how I was feeling and they examined my medication. Lucy said that she would like to make a change and I said that was fine – I had nothing to lose.

Well, I have to tell you that meeting Lucy and Sarah changed my life. There’s no doubt about it, I’m a different person now.

Since being on the new medication – just a little quarter tablet each day – I have only been ill the once. I can eat again, indeed I have put on weight. I’ve been back to my luncheon club once more, I have the energy to get out and do things again. Just last week I went apple picking with my great grandson! I have also got my confidence back, which I’d completely lost to be honest with you. My daughters say they have their Dad back.

I see Sarah from Weldmar once a week now, she comes to see me and checks up on me. But she’s also there on the phone if I need help or support; and I have needed to call her a few times. Its great peace of mind for me to know she’s there.

Last Christmas I ate nothing and went off to bed at 7pm. My daughters sat not knowing if I would still be alive in the morning. This Christmas my daughters have promised me a proper Christmas dinner with all the extras and I’m going to have
a little bit of everything. I’m looking forward to sitting at the table with my family and enjoying the day, together. Hand on heart, without Lucy and Sarah that wouldn’t be possible – I probably wouldn’t be here now.

I’ve been so lucky to have met Lucy and Sarah. Please, give Weldmar all the help you can – so that others might also benefit from their gentle, expert care this Christmas. Thank you.


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