Gift Aid

Gift Aid

As a Registered Charity, Weldmar Hospicecare is able to reclaim basic rate tax on all donations made to it by tax payers under Gift Aid.

The minimum limit for Gift Aid donations has been abolished so that all donations whether large or small, regular or one-off, are tax effective for the charity as long as the donor is a tax payer.

You must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax equal to the amount we are reclaiming, currently 25p on every pound you give, or you may be liable to be assessed for income tax on any excess.

Donors paying higher rate tax may claim relief against either income tax or capital gains tax.

Paperwork is minimal. All that is required is the completion of the simple form (a Gift Aid Declaration Form (PDF 88kb)) which merely requires your name and address including postcode and a signature requesting the charity to treat your donation and all future donations as Gift Aid donations. This Declaration only needs to be completed once in order to cover all future donations to the charity which you may choose to make. It may, of course, be cancelled at any time.

Donations, whether in cash, cheques or bankers orders, may be treated in this way.

Our online donations form collects this information, if appropriate, during the payment process.

Donations of items to our Charity Shops can also be Gift Aided – please ask in the shop when you take your donation to them.

More about Gift Aid from HMRC

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