Recycle Used Stamps

Recycle Used Stamps

We can turn your used stamps into money to support our work. Donate your stamps to Weldmar Hospicecare and help us to provide end of life care for people living in Dorset who need our specialist support.

Please send your used stamps to Weldmar Hospicecare, so that we can recycle them and raise money to care for our patients and their loved ones.

When you receive cards, letters and parcels in the post, please cut the stamps off and we will recycle them into much-needed funds. It’s one of the easiest ways you can support the Trust.

Any used stamps are needed. Please carefully cut away any excess paper, leaving a border of around 1cm. The rest of the envelope can be put in your household recycling. When cutting the envelope, avoiding any damage to the stamp itself and place in an envelope before posting them off to us.

Please send or drop them in to us at the following address:

Hammick House
Bridport Road

As a general guideline we can expect to receive around £20 for one kilogram of stamps donated, so do encourage your friends and family, at home and abroad, to save them for us.

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