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Sunflower Memories Appeal

Sunflower Service

This year we are holding our service in Weymouth’s stunning Greenhill Gardens looking out across the bay, at 6.30pm on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

Everyone attending will be given the opportunity to write the name of those they are remembering on a small sunflower to hold during the service.

Those who take part in the Appeal will have their loved ones names added to our new Sunflower Memory Board which will be on display and the focus of this year’s service.

For those who would like to take one of our large metal sunflowers home with them (along with their small hand held sunflower), a limited number will be available to buy on the evening of the service.

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Kim Lee tells us about her husband Jon and why Weldmar’s Sunflower Memories are so significant for her…

Kim’s husband Jon was a vibrant full of life character, as an entertainments manager for over 40 years and a talented musician he brought happiness and pleasure to countless people, which made it even more of a blow when vascular dementia robbed him of everything he held dear. Kim explains how Weldmar helped both her and Jon:

“I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now if it wasn’t for Weldmar’s Bereavement support service. It has actually made a huge difference to me and if it’s made a difference to me then it’s made a difference to the rest of my life, and all my family and friends around me. Caring for and losing Jon has certainly been a life changing experience. Even though Jon never came into the Hospice, Weldmar were supportive throughout the whole time he was ill. I hadn’t realised Weldmar had so much on offer for people like me. After Jon’s death – I connected with Weldmar’s Bereavement service right away as I needed to do something. I joined to be amongst people all going through the same thing as me. I soon discovered we all have different ways of coping with and experiencing loss but I felt a bond with those I met.”

“For me the Sunflower Service was especially significant because it fell on Jon’s birthday, the first one after he passed away. We didn’t know what to do on his birthday. You feel you still have to mark it but its knowing how to do it – celebrating it doesn’t feel right but Sunflower Service was a way we could all get together to remember him and his special day. It was lovely too that on the evening I bumped into several people I had met though Weldmar’s support group, for me there was a feeling of familiarity. United not in grief but in hope, celebrating someone not who’s gone but is still with us – they are always present in our lives and in our thoughts, that will never change. Being at the service just felt right, it was exactly where we need to be, all of us, even the grandchildren. The younger ones, need to remember too. The children ask questions, they are so honest. It was lovely to share it with them. During the service it was also wonderful to share the beautiful poignant song, it brought a smile, tears too, but lovely to share a smile which is really important because when you know you can smile again you are on the road to moving forward. I collected my big metal sunflower after the service and I have that now in a pot at home so it’s there with me – every time I look at it I think of Jon and that lovely sunflower is a symbol of him.”

Kim regularly attends Weldmar’s bereavement support group.


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