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Planning your event

  1. Ask. Start by asking your friends, family and work colleagues to help you. Not only is it more fun but they will have plenty of ideas to help you.
  2. Call the Fundraising Office on 01305 261800. Let us know what you are planning and we will be delighted to help you.
  3. Create an online sponsorship page.
  4. Keep it simple.
  5. Plan well and be organised. Have a clear plan from the very beginning and be sure to check that the date of your event doesn’t clash with other fundraising events, or local or national events which may stop people attending (for example, important football fixtures, school holidays, agricultural shows, etc.).
  6. Draw up a budget. Gather together all the costs involved in putting on your event and then look at ways to cut these as much as possible (for example, sponsorship from local businesses in return for publicity at the event or alternative suppliers) – the more you spend, the less money comes to Weldmar.
  7. Seek permission. Seek permission and check legal requirements. Make sure you find out whether you require any special licenses or permissions. This particularly applies if you are planning to organise a raffle or street collection. This is where the Fundraising Office can be invaluable so please call us.
  8. Be safe. As the event organiser you must be careful to ensure the safety of your guests. Not only are you required to comply with Health and Safety legislation but you may also need to consider First Aid and Fire Safety requirements. Your local council will be able to provide you with full details, or, contact the fundraising team on 01305 261800 for further advice. Safety is of paramount importance and we can really assist you with this.
  9. Insurance. You may need public liability insurance for your event. Check with your venue and service providers (for example, bands, catering, marquee hire) as they may well already be covered. If further cover is required we can arrange for our Insurance Broker to advise you on this.
  10. Publicise your event. Don’t forget to promote the event in your local area. You could put up posters, hand out flyers, use the web and even get your local papers, parish magazines and radio stations involved. Again, help with this is readily available and we have experience of making publicity eye-catching and the technology to produce posters, tickets and information leaflets, all without charge.
  11. Thank everyone involved. After the event, don’t forget to thank everyone involved.
  12. Remember to enjoy yourself!

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