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Raffle and draw guidelines

Our Summer 2020 ‘Resilience Raffle’ is now on!

You can win our top prize of £500, plus runners up prizes of £200 and £50.  Every ticket you purchase will go towards helping us stay resilient during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

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Are you running your own raffle in aid of Weldmar?

Please call the Fundraising Team on 01305 261800 for advice – and we can possibly print the tickets for you.

The main type of raffle are:

Small raffle

This is the most common and easiest raffle to organise as it does not require registration. Cloakroom tickets can be used but tickets must only be sold during your event and not beforehand and the draw must take place at the event. In most cases prizes will have been donated. Gift vouchers are permitted but you must not offer a cash prize. All monies raised must be donated to Weldmar Hospicecare Trust.

Private raffle

You do not need to register this raffle. Tickets for this can be sold to people living and working in the same premises, or who are members of an organisation. This type of raffle can only be advertised on the premises or on the tickets.

Society raffle

A society raffle enables tickets to be sold over a period of time to the public. It is run by a group of people and must be registered by the local council. However, the Trust does hold this registration and can therefore produce your tickets for you.

There are strict rules regarding this sort of raffle, including a prescribed format for tickets which involves a counterfoil and certain information must be printed on these tickets.

You must contact the Fundraising Team if you wish to hold this type of raffle and they will be pleased to help you with these.

The law on raffles can be confusing. You should be aware that all raffles and lotteries are illegal unless they fall into the categories above. For further advice call the fundraising office on 01305 261800.

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