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Breathing a little easier thanks to Weldmar’s hand held fans

The small fans can make a big difference.

Meet Margaret Palmer.  A small, hand held fan is making her life in our in-patient unit in Dorchester a lot more comfortable.

Like a number of patients that we care for, Margaret suffers from breathlessness.  This particularly affects her when there are a number of people nearby, as she can feel quite claustrophobic.

Having the fan in her hand means she has a way to ease her breathing should she feel anxious or claustrophobic.  The fan helps to give her some independence – she does have a larger fan by her bedsise, but says she feels guilty buzzing the nurses to switch it on and off.  With the hand held fan, she can comfortably use it as and when she needs to.

These Weldmar Hospicecare branded fans have been used at our in-patient unit, and by our team of community nurses across Dorset in order to help patients suffering with breathlessness.  We were able to aquire these thanks to to a grant from Hospice Aid UK.

Margaret says the fans are ‘marvellous’.


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