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‘Every Little Helps’ – how a monthly shopping trip makes a difference to Jenny

Weldmar volunteer Rose meets Jenny for ‘the big shop’

Volunteering at Weldmar Hospicecare takes many forms.

Every month, our volunteer Rose Curtis (pictured above left) collects our community patient Jenny from home, and takes her to the supermarket to stock up on groceries.

“I can’t manage it by myself anymore,” says Jenny, “and a big shop once a month is quite adequate.  I can do a number of smaller shops with the aid of my walker, but when I relocate to a new flat I’m not going to be able to do that.  Without Rose’s help, I would have to rely on my son, who is very good but I would feel guilty about taking up his valuable time.  It would be quite a loss to me not to have it.”

There is also the social aspect too.  “I look forward to the outing as well!  Rose is a very good shopper – she looks at the dates on things whereas I don’t!”

Rose says it’s good for her too.  “I always enjoy it, as it’s always nice to meet new people and I’ve only recently met Jenny.  I look forward to seeing her each month, and you feel like you’re giving a bit back to the community.”

Jenny is also hoping to attend Weymouth and Portland Day Services soon, and with a house move happening soon she’s also hoping to donate a number of items to Weldmar’s charity shops!

Find out more about volunteering for Weldmar here


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