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How Terry has become more confident thanks to volunteering with Weldmar

Volunteering can provide lots of benefits, from social to personal development

Terry Light has been volunteering in Weldmar Hospicecare’s charity shop in Wool since May 2018.

The 25 year old Harry Potter fan says it’s an experience that has really helped his confidence and communication skills.

“I always thought it would be really nice to do something for charity,” says Terry, “and I first came into the shop in Wool a week after it opened.  I came in with my mum, and we thought it would be fun for me to do some voluntary work here.”

“I was really nervous about asking Laura, who was manager then, but she said that if I filled my application in and could give some hours every week, then she would let me come in and help.”

Terry is now volunteering on a regular basis, for a couple of hours a day, with the extra hour here and there as and when needed.  “I sort out clothes that have been donated, and steam them and help put them out on display.  And I really enjoy keeping things clean and tidy so I hoover around the shop too.”

There was one task that Terry initially wasn’t comfortable with.  “I was asked if I would like to serve on the till, but I asked the manager if someone else could do that, because I was really nervous of doing that.  But when I was asked again later on, I said that I would give it a go, because I felt more confident.”

“I enjoy helping customers reach items from the higher shelves.  If anyone needs help with anything, I am there for them because I’m a caring person.”

“Volunteering in the shop has also helped me to communicate better with people, and I enjoy meeting and working with new people now.  I had met Rebecca a few times when she covered at the shop, and when she became the manager I was really delighted.”

Rebecca Martin was recently appointed as manager for the Wool shop, after moving from Weldmar’s former outlet in Poole.  She says that volunteers are the heart and soul of the charity shops.

“Volunteers are absolutely vital, they bring so much with their input and their hard work, and they bring in different talents too.  I like to get to know volunteers, and find out what their interests are, so I can inorporate that into some of the tasks I might ask them to do.”

“We have a young volunteer who is doing her A Levels at the moment, and likes art and makes her own jewellery.  So if we get any pieces of jewellery in, I like to ask her to what she thinks of them and pick out the items that she thinks are nice.  Volunteers bring so much, and I hope that they get a lot out of it too.”

Weldmar Hospicecare is proud to have a diverse volunteer workforce at our chain of charity shops across Dorset.  If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer, pop into your local branch, or click here.

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