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Imogen’s Story: Dorchester teenager raises thousands with annual bakes and bingo

Imogen Brown hasn’t let Covid get in the way of her regular fundraising for the charity

Imogen Brown, pictured above with mum Kerry, is something of a fundraising hero at Weldmar Hospicecare.

Now sixteen, she was just eleven when she held her first cake sale in her back garden, and since then she has raised in excess of £12,500 for the charity.

It’s all because her Grandad passed away in the care of our hospice, and both Imogen and her sister Maddie received specialist care afterwards from Weldmar’s child support worker.  “I just saw what an amazing place this was.  Grandad wasn’t here for too long, but it’s such a good cause I wanted to continue fundraising for them.”

bakes and bingo“After seeing my Grandad very ill, the love and support he got, and the support that we all got too, Weldmar is just so worthy of all the money we can raise.”

The cake sales have become something of a fixture on the local social calendar – it wasn’t long before the back garden became too small and they moved to to Salisbury Fields in Fordington.

“The day before the cake sale, we are baking all day!” explains Imogen.  “We don’t make all the cakes, as other people offer to do some too.  Mum’s on washing up duty!  We normally end up with three trestle tables full of cakes to sell.”

Not only does Imogen organise the annual cake sale in the summer, but also a popular bingo night in the winter.

“We used to do that at my old first school, St Mary’s,” says Imogen, “but when Maddie and I left we needed to look for something else, so Lisa, my dance teacher from Just Dance, said we could use the Salvation Army hall.  Places sell out very quickly!”

Imogen, who is studying maths, biology, and history at Thomas Hardye School, didn’t let Covid scupper her plans to raise money for Weldmar this summer.  She and the family took the decision not to hold the cake sale, but to run a raffle instead, which raised a brilliant £1,377!

“We didn’t spend any money on prizes at all”, says mum Kerry.  “Imogen wrote to lots of local businesses to ask them to donate something.  We ended up with 118 donations!”

Imogen says, “It’s now more than ever that Weldmar need the money, because there’s a lot less coming in.”

We thank Imogen and her family for their ongoing support of Weldmar Hospicecare.  You can pledge your support by signing up for an affordable regular donation, or by playing our lottery, or by shopping with us

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