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Lillian’s Story: Everyone should know just how caring Weldmar is

Lillian is being cared for at home by the Weldmar community team

Lillian, from Weymouth, is currently being cared for by the team at Weldmar Hospicecare.

She is presently living at home, and has had visits from Weldmar Community Nurse Lucy Moxham, Assistant Practitioner Debby Dewland, and Occupational Therapist Charmaine Davies, since being referred to us by her respiratory nurse.

“Everyone from Weldmar has just been so kind and considerate,” says Lillian. “Life is for living, and what they are doing is letting me lead as decent a life as I can.”

Before her referral, Lillian was fully aware of the caring work of the charity. “I knew of the hospice because I have had aunts and cousins who were looked after there, and I remember how well they were treated. So I had a nice feeling about Weldmar from the beginning, as soon as it was recommended that I should talk to them.”

“Lucy is ever so good,” says Lillian. “She will keep things going, and sort out whatever is needed.”

One of the ways Weldmar has been able to help Lillian has been as a result of an Occupational Therapy visit from Charmaine. She is delighted with the stool that she was provided with to rest her legs on while she’s sat in her armchair, because it’s the perfect height to keep her comfortable.

“It was absolutely the right thing for me,” explains Lillian. “Another thing that they provided was a piece of equipment for the bathroom, to help me get in and out of the bath. It was something I didn’t even realise I needed, but it has proved to be a Godsend.”

Although she has not yet felt the need to use it, Lillian is also comforted by the fact she can call Weldmar anytime, on our 24/7 Advice Line. “It’s wonderful that someone is available to talk to anytime I might need that. It’s just right if I needed some reassurance for something in the middle of the night, rather than having to call 999. It’s good to know it’s there.”

Although Lillian is very complimentary of all the members of the Weldmar Hospicecare team that she has dealt with, there’s one thing she values more than anything else. “I’m treated by everyone as a normal person. They’re not just interested in the parts of me that they deal with individually.”

Thank you to Lillian for sharing her story with us.

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