Art for art’s sake

Art for art’s sake

Engaging in a creative activity can divert the mind away from worries and pain and is inherently therapeutic so, as part of our holistic approach to care, we offer arts-based activities in both daycare and in-patient hospices, as well as in the community

No prior experience is needed and often people find that they have a hidden artistic talent that has lain dormant for many years. Tapping into creativity can be very empowering.

Our team of Creative Arts Practitioners offer activities that involve art-making using a range of materials to paint, draw or sculpt: from textiles to ceramics, paper to silk.

We also offer group activities that may involve words and images, singing, movement, drama and creative games.

We firmly believe that each and every one of us is creative and we fully support people to find a way of expressing themselves that they feel comfortable with.

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