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Day Services

Your Weldmar Community Nurse might suggest a referral to Day Services. This service is provided by us, free of charge, to those who are approaching the end of their life and/or have complex palliative care needs. We care for patients with cancer and other progressive conditions, such as motor neurone disease.

It’s designed to be a supportive day, surrounding by people that understand what it means to be approaching end of life.

The service is lead by Jenny, supported by our Creative Arts Practitioner, Debbie, and our Day Services Assistant, Debbie.

This service is provided Monday to Thursday from 10am until 3pm, in the below locations. If you don’t have transport, our minibus drivers, Jerry or Ian may be able to pick you up.

At Day Services we offer our patients lots of stimulating activities, including creative arts, Jam Che, word games and more. Some of sessions even offer hair and beauty treatments, and baths.

We offer a lovely, freshly made to order lunch, cakes made that day, and drinks (including wine and sherry!) for a subsidised price of £3 a day.

Many of our sessions have a nurse clinic to address any physical concerns patients have, and other staff are on hand to help with practical and emotional concerns.

To access Day Services, a healthcare professional will need to make a referral on your behalf using our referral form.

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