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Four families that we have supported have very kindly shared their stories and experiences with you, so members of our community can better understand the care and support we give, every single day. Paula, Barabara, Dave and Ivor are all currently receiving bereavement support from our team at Weldmar Hospicecare.


Both Paula’s Father and Mother have had to use Weldmar’s services in the past, benefitting from tailored end of life care at our inpatient unit. “When my parents were ill, Weldmar picked us up, held us and gently set us down again. After my Father, James, passed away 17 years ago, my Mother, Elizabeth, continued to be supported by Weldmar with bereavement support and counselling. She even went on to spend a number of years volunteering at the Weymouth Weldmar shop. During Mum’s inpatient stay I was able to sleep over for a couple of nights and my son and daughter were able to spend time with their grandma during those precious last days. Now my mum is gone, I receive support. The Weldmar bereavement team provide a safe space to talk which has helped me to adjust and be able to start feeling like I can be myself again.”




Dave has 2 children and 7 grandchildren but sadly his wife, Claire, aged just 52, passed away in December. “I was starting to struggle. I thought I was ok for the first few months but it just started getting harder and I felt that I needed to do something. Weldmar Hospicecare continues to be part of my support. I attend the bereavement support coffee morning and it feels good to be part of a group where everyone else knows how you feel, we are all in the same boat. The staff and volunteers here at Weldmar are brilliant and just so understanding.”



Barbara’s husband, Keith, was only poorly for 19 days. “Everything was so sudden” she said. “The staff at the inpatient unit are marvellous. As soon as my husband arrived they settled him and I was able to stay by his side. My Granddaughter was celebrating her 14th Birthday and the nurses organised a party for her in the hospice Orangery. Sadly, Keith was too ill to get out of bed, but I brought him jelly and cake so he could be part of the party. He went into a deep sleep and passed away soon after. It was a great comfort to know that we were all together and my Granddaughters were able to share a lovely goodbye with him. The care we have all received is amazing.”



Ivor’s partner Ann sadly died in July 2018. “She was receiving support by the fantastic Weldmar Community Nurses, in the comfort of our own home. After a couple of weeks, they referred Ann to the inpatient unit where she spent 7 weeks being cared for by the Weldmar team. I almost lived in the hospice myself, I was virtually there all day every day and was made to feel so welcome by everyone. Since Ann passed away, I’ve been coming back to the hospice regularly for bereavement support. I even bring treats like gluten free sponge cake, lactose free roulade and quiche – for all the nursing staff. I refer to them as Ivor’s Angels, as a thank you for everything they did for Ann. With Weldmar’s support I am now in a much better place mentally. Meeting the Weldmar team was the best thing I ever did”


Paula, Barbara, Dave and Ivor are just a few of the thousands of people we care for and support each year. We are only able to continue caring for families like theirs because of the vital support from people like you.


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