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Stand by us today – help us stay resilient

Covid-19 is a global pandemic, having a significant impact of millions of people around the world and here in the UK. The disease is affecting thousands of businesses, individuals and sadly, lives. It has also created a high amount of uncertainty for us at Weldmar Hospicecare.

Over the past couple of months, we have been demonstrating and highlighting the immediate impact that Covid-19 has, and continues to have, on our care, our services and our income. For us, this is only just the start.

Help us stay resilient

How we provide our care will continue to be significantly impacted over the coming months, with more patients wanting to be cared for and supported in the comfort of their own homes. We’ll also continue to face increased challenges at our Inpatient Unit, ensuring the safety of our staff, patients and their loved ones, whilst fulfilling and delivering our vital end of life care, with the compassion, comfort and dignity that our patients deserve.

We will continue to work right on the front line, standing side by side with our clinical colleagues in the NHS and other health care services across Dorset.

Weldmar's Allied Health Professionals

We will continue to invest additional expert resources into our 24/7 Advice Line, staffed by clinical and medical professionals, who are available throughout the day and night to support everyone who needs us. That doesn’t just mean our patients and their loved ones, but also advice and support for GPs, Dorset County Hospital, care homes, community hospitals and patients who are not currently receiving care from Weldmar Hospicecare, but require specialist support and reassurance at this difficult time. We will continue to be here for everyone who needs us.

This pandemic will continue to have a significant impact on the way that we provide our care, for many months to come. But we will never compromise the high standard, compassionate and professional care that we are most known and respected for. Our patients will always come first.

But, we’re continuing to lose income and will do so for many months ahead of us. Our chain of retail sites remain closed and many of our fundraising events have been cancelled. We have now extended this until the end of July, meaning that we are unable to hold Kapow!, the Moonlight Walk and Music by the Lake, which from just those events alone, we will lose a minimum of £130,000. It is extremely likely that we will need to cancel even more events over the coming months too.

The loss of income is irreplaceable. The effects of Covid-19 will stay with Weldmar Hospicecare for years to come. But we need to be adapting and adjusting right now. We need to ensure that we are able to recover from this loss of income as quickly as possible and that is why, as an organisation, we need to be resilient – and you can help.


Right now, we don’t know what the future of hospice care will be, not just in Dorset but across the UK. But what we do know, is that our community needs us right now, more than ever before. Between now and the end of September, our clinical and family support services will still cost us £2.3M – but we’ve lost all the traditional ways of raising this money.  We will promise to stand by our community over the coming months, but we need you to stand by us and help us stay resilient and focussed throughout the rest of this pandemic.

How can you support Weldmar?

Making a simple donation, or taking part in one of our virtual events, maybe asking for donations instead of gifts for an upcoming special occasion or joining our lottery. However you help, you will be enabling us to keep our services going throughout Covid-19.

Right now, we need to focus on delivering the increased amount of care that is required here in Dorset, for everyone who needs us. The reassurance of your support is what we are asking for, to ensure that we can continue our care, love and support over the coming months.

Please help us stay resilient, enable us to continue our care over the coming months and continue to be here for everyone who needs us most.

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