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Trimar’s 20th Anniversary

Trimar Hospice is Weldmar Hospicecare’s centre in Weymouth – and celebrates its 20th Anniversary in 2016.

The building first opened as ‘Trimar Christian Day Hospice’ in February 1996, but has a long history for the provision of medical or nursing care – as it was first used as a Voluntary Aid Detachment Hospital during the First World War. At this point it was named ‘Messandra’ and was a base for providing care for sick and terminally ill soldiers. Then, from 1934 until 1994, Trimar was the Weymouth Eye Infirmary.

The name ‘Trimar’ was created to commemorate three people who had died in hospital – whose names had all included ‘mar’ (Martin, Marjorie and Mark) – hence ‘Trimar’.  A committee, and a charitable trust in that name, was formed in 1985 by the loved ones of the three ‘mars’, chaired by Rosemary Hardwicke, with the intention of creating a small care facility for the terminally ill, which would provide dignified and compassionate care for patients.

After the Weymouth Eye Infirmary moved to Dorchester Hospital in 1995, the Trimar Trust leased the ground floor and basement of the building – which opened as ‘Trimar Christian Day Hospice’ in February 1996. Twelve months later, the whole of the building was purchased and renovated.
Trimar is now the base for Weldmar Hospicecare’s services in the south of Dorset – home to Weldmar’s Wellbeing Services, Weldmar’s Community Nurses and associated team of doctors, therapists, family support workers, chaplains, drivers, hotel and administration services, all supported by dedicated volunteers.

In a typical week, Trimar Hospice will provide over 80 sessions offering care and support to patients and their families – with the help of over 20 volunteers.

Gordon and Ted

Gordon and Ted are just two of the many patients who make use of the Wellbeing Services at Trimar. They both attend the social day respite session held in Weymouth on Fridays, from 10.30am until 3.30pm.

Gordon, Trimar patientGordon has been a patient of Weldmar’s for some time – attending the Weldmar Motor Neurone Disease Clinic, and as an inpatient at Joseph Weld Hospice in Dorchester. He has been coming to Trimar for almost a year now, and uses most of the services on offer.

Gordon said “Staff at Trimar are absolutely wonderful – we are all treated as individuals, with kindness, care and respect. I have so much in common with everyone who uses Trimar, and really appreciate the wonderful care”.

As well as the social aspect of being part of a group, Gordon also enjoys the chance to have a bath each week and has made use of the art room and of the complementary health services on offer.

Ted, Trimar patientTed started to come to Trimar in June 2015 – and arrives on the same Weldmar minibus as Gordon.

Ted said “It’s lovely at Trimar – it’s a great break.”

One of the aspects of the day that Ted really does enjoy is the food. “The food is lovely – the chef always creates a great menu. It is so nice to have a day off from cooking – and I especially like the cakes!”.

Ted hasn’t ever used the art room – as he doesn’t see himself as an artist. “If they gave me a roller, I would happily decorate the room – that’s my kind of art!”.

Both agreed that they truly appreciated the time and dedication given by Weldmar’s volunteers, “The volunteers are special people,” said Ted. “They really are”.

Weymouth Friends

Weymouth FriendsTrimar Hospice only exists because of the support and hard work of the residents of Weymouth and Portland.

The Weymouth Friends Group helped generate the funds to open the building and have continued to raise money to support Weldmar’s services ever since. They are a group of tireless individuals who give up their time for free. You will see them out and about every week, attending or organising events that raise essential funds for our work. It seems like there is always more to be done in this very active group

If you would be interested in joining the Weymouth Friends Group you can contact us on 01305 261800 or email us using the contact form.

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