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Weldmar at Home Appeal – Geoff and Angie’s Story

“There’s a big gap that only a hospice can fill”

Our patients are looking to us right now – and we need you.

As the demand for community care has increased, so has the need for a 24 hour clinical care service provided by Weldmar, delivered in the comfort of patient’s own homes.

This is Weldmar Hospicecare’s biggest ever development in patient care.

Geoff and Angie Baugh celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in August 2020, and it was one of the most treasured days of their life. Geoff had been diagnosed with incurable prostate cancer six years earlier. He was fit and active, and the news naturally came as a shock to the couple, but they accepted it and continued to live their lives, day to day, at home in Lyme Regis, under the care of the urology specialists and oncologists at Dorset County Hospital.

The cancer led to further problems, and following an incident where Geoff snapped a vertebra, a urology nurse sat them down and asked how they would feel if Weldmar Hospicecare was to become involved.

Angie says that there was no hesitation. “We both immediately said, ‘Yes please!’ We were so glad to be offered it, as we needed help, especially in combatting the level of pain Geoff was in. There was no discussion needed, and we remain eternally grateful to that nurse.”

“Our Weldmar Community Nurse came into our lives like a breath of fresh air, enlightened us, and organised lots of things that we hadn’t thought about, such as a Blue Badge for Geoff. There was hospital treatment along the way, but Weldmar were always there, visiting or calling regularly.”

It wasn’t just the clinical care that came from Weldmar, as specialist social worker Jo Jury was also in regular contact. “She was always really helpful”, says Angie, “and was always there to pick me up when I was having a difficult moment.”

It was in October, just two months after their Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations, that Geoff’s pain escalated, and he developed a number of other conditions including pneumonia.

Angie says that as well as the practical care, there would be a number of other benefits to having the care provided by Weldmar. “Having continuity of care from a designated Weldmar Health Care Assistant would be so reassuring. They could provide on-going monitoring of a patient and have direct access to advice from the hospice medical team on new or worsening symptoms.”

“Hospice-trained carers with specialist knowledge of dealing with palliative care patients would have been ideal for us. They would have known what was needed to keep Geoff as comfortable as possible during his final weeks and I could have picked up useful care tips from them.”

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