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We’re on the move – Update

Staff at Weldmar Hospicecare are preparing to move premises as we relocate our offices and Weymouth Day Services

Earlier last year, we reported that our offices in Poundbury, Hammick House, were relocating to join our patients and community staff in Weymouth.

This would ensure that all our support services, patients and community staff would be joined under one roof alongside our Finance, Fundraising, Marketing and People Services teams.

In addition to the office move from Dorchester to Weymouth, for several years, we have been looking for an alternative building in Weymouth to deliver our services which is more suitable for complex patients, in the last year of their lives.

Trimar Hospice

Trimar is used as a Day Services building for the Weymouth and Portland area offering support to patients in the last year or so of their lives. Patients are involved in a variety of activities such as games, creative therapy and even complementary therapy if required. The building also currently houses a team of Weldmar’s Community Nurses who support patients in the comfort of their own homes.

A decision was made earlier this year to close Hammick House in Poundbury and move all our back office support services to join our team in Trimar. However, a decision has now also been made to relocate our Trimar services, alongside our support staff in Hammick House, to a site on Cromwell Road in Weymouth, which is more suitable for all our services.

Caroline Hamblett, Chief Executive of Weldmar said “Since 1996 we have delivered Day Services from our building on Greenhill in Weymouth. This building is also the base for all our community nurses for Weymouth and Portland. We have for some years been looking for an alternative building in Weymouth that is suitable to deliver our services from. In 2017 our strategy refocused on end of life care and support and therefore the patients who now use our day services often have more complex needs, which is making our Greenhill site, which has a number of floors, unsuitable for some patients. Our current building is also stopping us increasing the number of patients we can support in day services in Weymouth and Portland, although there is a demonstrable need as 82% of our patients are supported in the community. The Cromwell Road property will enable us to see more complex patients in our day services and support some patients who we can’t currently support due to the constraints of our Greenhill site. We will also continue to support families and carers with sessions at Cromwell Road.  Additionally, we will be able to base our support staff in Weymouth rather than Dorchester, which would release income through rent to provide more specialist community nurses in Dorchester and Weymouth, where we have pressure to provide more service due to the number of patients and families who need our care and support.

We acknowledge and appreciate the relationship with the Trimar building and we are remaining in the Weymouth and Portland area. Our priority as an independent charity must always be ensuring that our buildings and services meet our patient’s needs. Moving to Cromwell Road will ensure that we continue to have a sustainable and reliable service in the future from a building that can be more cost effectively maintained. The move to Cromwell Road will only mean that we can provide specialist care for more patients when they need us most.”

Hammick House in Poundbury, a building which was inherited by the charity when merged with Cancer Care Dorset between 2003-2004, is now up for rent.

Caroline said “The rental income from Hammick House will help fund our services in Dorset including the new 24/7 helpline for patients and their families which launched in November last year, as well as growth in our specialist community nursing provision. Weldmar Hospicecare are sad to be leaving Poundbury as well as our stunning location on Greenhill, but the revenue we will receive from the rent of Hammick House and the sale of Trimar Hospice will enable us to continue to grow our services as demand is continuing to rise.”

Weldmar Hospicecare will continue to have a presence within Dorchester with our inpatient unit where patients are cared for 24 hours a day. Weldmar also has a chain on 26 charity shops and outlets throughout the county which help provide vital income to keep the services running. There is no date set yet for the office move but it is expected to happen in late Spring 2019.


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