Frances Innes

Frances Innes

Volunteer Frances practises the art of Jam Che on Weldmar’s day services patients and inpatients

One of the therapies patients almost always mention as particularly helpful is Jam Che. Never heard of it?

It means ‘gentle touch’ and originates in Tibet. The therapy involves a light touch, over clothes, and patients say it’s the most soothing experience in the world.

Volunteer Frances Innes practises the art on Weldmar’s day services patients and inpatients, and there’s always a full day of sessions for her to attend to, as it’s so popular.

She said: “I’ve been coming here for ten years and it’s lovely – it hasn’t changed in all that time. The atmosphere is lovely.

“Jam Che just relaxes people – I think we are not very tactile in this country and it does help people. It’s not massage, and people are fully clothed. It’s just very, very, very calming. That’s why it’s so good here – anybody can have Jam Che.

“The caring is the best thing, and the nice mix of people, the whole atmosphere.

“Of course the group changes all the time but people knit together again. Long-lasting friendships are made, particularly in the bereavement groups.”

If you would like to help Weldmar as a volunteer, there are a number of vacancies available right now.

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