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By Jo Pasker
Complementary Therapy Service Lead

Complementary Therapy at Weldmar Hospicecare

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share with you an area of Weldmar’s work that is not so well known. I am responsible for helping our patients’ with symptom management and providing emotional support via complementary therapy.

Nausea, sleep deprivation and digestive issues are awful for anyone at the best of times but for our patients they can cause severe distress and make life extremely difficult when they are least able to cope. Complementary therapy is a safe and effective way to help ease pain and give comfort.

Of course, complementary therapy doesn’t replace but runs alongside mainstream medicine. I would never say it does a better job but it does help our patients cope better with their symptoms, helping them to relax, which has a knock on effect to ease their pain.

We work closely with all our medical staff, especially the nurses on the Inpatient Unit in Dorchester, and with our Weldmar Community Nurses, to help patients when they need support the most. Despite limited resources, with the help of volunteers, we are currently able to offer Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Reiki to our patients and where we can to their carers too.

As with all our services, this is provided completely free of charge and as part of our overall care and support. However, it does come at a cost to us at Weldmar, but it’s one that’s worth it to help relax and comfort our patients during their difficult journey. The support from people like you enables us to continue providing this care, when and where it is needed most.

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Barbara’s Story:  “I found it very emotional”

Barbara Taylor from Drimpton spent time at the Inpatient Unit in Dorchester before Christmas, as part of her ongoing care from Weldmar for her cancer treatment. During her stay, she was offered complementary therapies in order to ease her symptoms and make her more comfortable. “I was really surprised that it was on offer”, says Barbara, “I didn’t know treatments like this were provided by Weldmar. When they asked if I would like it, I thought that as I’m here, I should take full advantage. They must think there’s a benefit to it.”

Barbara had a course of acupuncture, given by Dr Paul Barker, whilst Complementary Therapy Services Lead Jo Pasker administered Reflexology.

“They are just the calmest people I have ever met”, explains Barbara. “They are able to settle people who have these problems, and make you feel so relaxed. The treatments were targeted at reducing my stress and anxiety, and I found it very emotional. I’d never had anything like that done before, but I was so relaxed afterwards. I went back to my room and just slept. It helped me so much. If anyone else has the opportunity to do this, they really should.”

“Weldmar have been amazing. You go into the hospice, and there’s no pressure at all. They said I could stay as long as I needed to, and they looked after me so well. It’s absolutely fantastic.”

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